Universal Handheld Remote Control

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Accessory4 speed reversing handheld remote control
Our newest, best, and easiest to use control. This system controls four fan speeds in forward and full range light dimming. To better adapt to the changing world of light bulb technology, this control system features a CFL Auto-Detect feature that prohibits light dimming if non-dimming CFL bulbs are used in the fan. It also is our first control that eliminates dip switches and frequency interference through the use of Learning Code Synchronization. Similar to garage door programming, the fan and control are paired together when installed with a unique pairing code automatically. To increase flexibility, this control system can be used in Indoor to Damp location environments. This standalone remote can be added to ceiling fans with Casablanca`s universal wall control already included to give handheld control.
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Product Name:Universal Handheld Remote Control
Safety Listing:Indoor